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DJs and BeerJs

We’ve made a lot of new friends since opening our doors a little under a year ago. The taproom has been a wonderful gathering spot for beers, food, and good times. It also has become an extended meeting room for us. Ideas like the monthly Food Truck Round Up, Beer + Yoga, and Garden Party have all been born out of collaborative conversations in the taproom over a few beers with friends.

Beer and music go hand in hand, with major breweries going so far as to brew beers with and in honor of musicians. Asa and I always knew we wanted to do something but could never really settle on something, so we tabled it and stopped talking about it for a while.

Out of the blue, our good friend and frequent collaborator Doug (aka DJ Duke) pitched an idea back in December after seeing the newly renovated event space. Asa and I were thrilled with the concept, and for the past five months, we’ve been talking, planning, and laying the foundation for another collaborative endeavor.

Without further ado, we’d like to announce DJs & BeerJs, Presented by DJ Duke. Each Thursday, we will have a DJ take over the taproom airwaves. Sometimes it might be chill tunes to relax the soul. Other nights it might turn into a dance party. It all depends on who Doug invites next.

This will be an ongoing series, kicking off this Thursday evening as DJ Honeycombs spins some chilled-out hip-hop grooves. We’ve got a whole list of future sets, musical themes, and DJs already in the works. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a cool idea transform into reality. We’re incredibly grateful to be working with Doug, and we appreciate all the hard work he’s put in to getting this off the ground. See you Thursday!

Listen, Drink, Eat, Repeat.

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