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Field Trip: Jack's Abby

While bumming around the Boston area, we had the distinct pleasure of touring another fantastic brewery: Jack’s Abby in Framingham, MA.

Even though it was not during their normal open-to-the-public hours, we were invited in to check out the space and ask all sorts of questions. Given that they’ve only been operating for about a year now and are already maxing out their 20-barrel capacity, we were more than happy to listen and learn. Jack’s Abby is exclusively a lager brewery (making production more time- and resource-consuming), which makes their rapid growth even more remarkable.

Jack and the guys were more than generous with their time and information, and we were able to gain a few solid pointers that we will be able to utilize in our own operation. And on top of being super sweet bros, they make some pretty damned good beer; lagers are all about subtlety, and from the good selection we were able to try we were extremely impressed.

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