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It's a Spring Cleaning Merch Sale


Since opening our doors in May, we’ve made several changes to our merchandise lineup. Most notable have been the gradual updates made to our glassware selection, which has been slowly shifting over from our original flagship icon glassware over to newer, nicer glassware with our company logo. We’ve also gotten new t-shirts, after not only updating our logo itself but also receiving universal feedback to add “Braddock, Pennsylvania” to the design.

All of this is to say that we have a lot of obsolete inventory that will serve you far better than it currently serves us. So in order to more easily facilitate the transfer process, we’re letting you pay what you want for it. Starting this Wednesday, March 11th, we’ll be selling all of our extra glassware and t-shirts for whatever you think is fair. We’ll tell you what we paid for it, we’ll tell you how much we’d normally charge for it, you decide. Whatever we make off of this will go directly towards further upgrading our swag. Sorry, no shipping – taproom only.

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