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The 2019 Spring Lineup

spring seasonals 2018 square.pngOur modern world is a rapidly changing place, dear reader, and change can often be scary and uncomfortable. Sometimes, however, change can be tropical and delicious.

The spring seasonal lineup here at BG has seen a number of alterations over the past few years, and in the spirit of keeping you on your toes, we’ve got a few new upgrades for the coming season. While our spring American IPA Miyabi will stay largely the same, its compatriots Muchos Mahalos and Albatross will be returning in new forms.

Miyabi continues our theme of seasonal IPAs named after the four Japanese philosophies that make up our company values (alongside Shoshin, Kanso, and Kaizen). Meaning elegance or refinement, the concept of Miyabi relates to the elimination of all that is rough or unnecessary. We strive to achieve simplicity and balance in all we do, and a big part of that is the removal of anything and everything that is not completely essential.

Miyabi is an American IPA made with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Loral hops, with a dry and floral character of nectarine, grapefruit, and pine.

Building on last year’s debut of Muchos Mahalos as a mango beer, we’ve doubled down on the tropical vibes by making this year’s version with the Hawaiian holy trinity: passionfruit, orange, and guava (well known in Hawaii by its acronym, POG). Even if a straggling burst of winter inflicts itself upon our fair city midway through spring, Muchos Mahalos serves to inject a restorative burst of Pacific sunshine.

Despite all of that Pacific sunshine, Australian hop farmers have had an increasingly difficult time keeping up with the growing demand for one of their most prized varietals, Galaxy. With nary a bud to go around between America’s ever-expanding number of small brewers, the fate of our all-Galaxy double IPA, Albatross, has been left to the hop gods. Rather than attempt a second-rate facsimile using American-grown alternatives, we decided to keep Albatross rooted in the same geographic region by using hops from nearby New Zealand: this year’s updated version primarily features Motueka hops, one of our all time favorite varietals. With big, bright flavors of fresh flowers, lemon, and lime zest, it appears that the waning availability of Galaxy hops didn’t present much of a problem for Albatross after all.

Catch all three of our new spring seasonals on draft and in growlers in the taproom beginning tomorrow.

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