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The Session #69: The Perfect Beer World

In this month's session, Brew Beer And Drink It asks what changes we'd like to see to bring us closer to the perfect beer world. Here's a handful of our ideas: 1. More enthusiastic women in craft beer. Although craft beer is slowly undoing the damage done by decades of Bud/Miller/Coors male-targeted marketing, there is still the lingering cultural assumption that beer is a man's drink. There are a lot of awesome women out there looking to change that notion, and more need to join that cause. 2. A craft beer Super Bowl ad. If craft breweries all pitched in, we could create an awesome Super Bowl ad that would reach an enormous audience. This is a market segment dominated by big beer, and craft beer needs a voice amidst the flashy bullshit. If you've seen the fantastic video "I Am A Craft Brewer", you'll know what we mean; something to promote the entire craft beer industry all at once, in plain contrast to whatever Bud Light ad with talking animals and supermodels came on directly before it. 3. Bars would no longer have to carry Bud/Miller/Coors to cater to people who want a light, low alcohol beer. Here in Pennsylvania, if bars want to carry a light option, they should look no further than Tröegs Sunshine Pils or Victory Prima Pils. Bars can educate the consumer, who can then buy a local, well-crafted alternative. 4. Every brewery should have the right to sell pints of their own beer at their brewery. This should be part of the license they receive. We only say this because it's one of the major hurdles that we face right now in Pennsylvania. It's ridiculous that a customer can’t hang out, grab a pint and chat while we refill their growlers. 5. Oh, and Stone Brewing Co. needs to purchase the San Diego Padres and rename them the San Diego Arrogant Bastards. That is all.
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