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Beer Dinner No. 1

After a long and intense day of prep work, cooking, serving, and sermonizing about beer pairings, we’re extremely glad to say that we’ve pulled off our first ever Brew Gentlemen beer dinner. Two sessions of twelve guests arrived Saturday evening for a four-course meal paired with four of our favorite beers, including our own Brew Gentlemen White Sky. We decided to hold the event in our friend’s gorgeous high-ceilinged loft, where the natural lighting from the open skylight and the lean, minimalistic décor distracted from the restricted space.

While the preparation for the 5pm and 8pm dinners was complete pandemonium to say the least, the evening went off without too much of a hitch. The first dinner’s attendees consisted entirely of friends, allowing for a slightly larger margin for error – an excellent set of training wheels for our hosting and serving skills. A few of the second dinner’s guests were previously unfamiliar with who we are and what we’re doing, which challenged us to catalyze a bit more informal beer education than the previous session.

It seemed that everyone in attendance had a blast, with the general consensus that this should be made into a monthly event. Given how much fun we had putting the whole thing together, we will definitely be taking this into consideration. And with the guarantee of future recurrence, we think we can improve in a lot of ways.

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