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Mid-Semester Shenanigans

70° in Pittsburgh mid-March?

After an embarrassingly long hiatus from brewing and blogging alike, we’ve finally gotten a double batch of White Sky done with a ready-to-go date of Friday, April 6th.

The semester has been a long one so far. Trying to ensure that we slide out under the graduation door Indiana-Jones-style is proving to be tedious and frustrating. This is mostly due to the fact that a.) we are constantly thinking about how much better our time would be spent making progress on the brewery than completing academic busywork, and b.) the weather in Pittsburgh is distractingly nice for this time of year.

Helping both break the monotony and facilitate a significant jump in productivity is the return of Rutherford, my trusty Ford Ranger. Having a pickup truck is a huge advantage when moving the amount of equipment that we have. It also doesn’t hurt when one wants to make the occasional 3-a.m. Wendy’s run while blasting Wu-Tang.

Immediately ahead of us is Carnegie Mellon’s annual four-day Bacchanalia, Spring Carnival, a beer-drenched weekend celebration intended to take student’s minds off the imminent loss of their sanity, social life and well-being during finals. We will be brewing a few special batches for those illustrious Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni that make it back to Pittsburgh for the festivities. Get excited.

Also, we’re planning a beer dinner for Saturday, April 7th. More to come soon.

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