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Mise en Rose, Part Two


This is part two in a three-part series announcing our upcoming farmhouse ale collection. Read part one here, and part three here.

By the time Braddock’s first barrel factory began its operation in 1850, barrels had been made in much the same way for more than a millennium and a half. Much like the act of brewing, cooperage is all about human influence on natural elements.

The beginning of the barrel assembly process – the point at which the barrel begins to take form – is known as the mise en rose. At this stage, the cooper selects the staves and aligns them within a metal hoop, with the ends of the staves projecting outward to resemble a flower. Following this stage, additional hoops are added, the staves are made flexible with heat and humidity, and the barrel is tightened into place.

Named for this process, the Mise en Rose Collection is our take on the historic tradition of farmhouse ales. Originally exclusive to the European countryside, the style nearly met its end with industrialization and the rise of macro lagers. Thankfully, these versatile and complex beers have found new life as a significant niche of modern brewing culture.

These beers are designed to develop naturally over time with minimal human intervention. They are fermented and/or conditioned in oak for anywhere from a few months to multiple years, as our house culture of wild yeast and bacteria creates unique aromas and flavors not found in our other products. Finally, these beers are conditioned in the bottle for several months to develop soft carbonation and additional complexity. They can be consumed fresh or aged further, and are the perfect companion to a wide variety of foods.
Bringing farmhouse beers to Braddock has been part of our vision for quite some time. It’s taken time and resources, research and experimentation, tasting and travel. We’re excited to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the subject as we bring more of these creations to life. And we’re even more excited to finally share them with you.

Get the details about the first beers in our Mise en Rose Collection in part three.

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