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Mise en Rose, Part Three

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This is part three in a three-part series announcing our upcoming farmhouse ale collection. Read part one here and part two here.

Mise En Rose, our oak-aged farmhouse ale collection, is named for “setting the rose” – the stage of the barrel-making process where the barrel first begins to take shape. With a focus on mixed culture fermentation, extended aging, and careful blending, the beers we truly love to brew and share are brought to life.

And while farmhouse beers are usually made on a farm, Braddock’s historic past was built upon industry, not agriculture. So why are we making farmhouse beers in a steel town? Because sometimes, tradition is more of a reference point than a rulebook.

After over two years of research, preparation, and aging, we’re proud to announce the arrival of the first beers in our Mise en Rose Collection.


Table Beer is our interpretation of a Belgian tafelbier. Traditionally served with meals, this delicate saison is aged for three months in oak foeders with our house culture, then naturally conditioned in the bottle. Straw-gold and refreshing, Table Beer is mildly tart, funky, and dry with an aroma of lemon and pear. Perfect for your next dinner party.

Essentially a series within the collection, Exploration & Discovery is our ever-changing line of experimental and blended farmhouse ales – our creative outlet for special styles, new techniques and unique ingredients.

Exploration & Discovery No. 1 is a saison aged in fresh white wine barrels with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus for eleven months, then naturally conditioned in the bottle. This tart, honey-colored farmhouse ale has aromas of white grape, peach, earth, and light funk leading to flavors of sour orange, minerality, bread, and oak.

Exploration & Discovery No. 2 is an American wild ale aged in red wine barrels for twelve months with a unique blend of wild yeast and bacteria, then further conditioned in the bottle for six months. Coming from a different end of the farmhouse beer spectrum, the mahogany-red beer is less tart than its predecessor, a bouquet of dark fruit and red wine with a character of oak, tannins, strawberry, cherry, and grape.

The Mise en Rose Collection will expand as we move forward to include additional core brands and ongoing Exploration & Discovery releases.


As the modern American beer release formula descends from frustrating (excessively long lines) to self-satirical (absentee lawn chairs, Craigslist mules, social media-fueled flash mobs), we’ve decided to try something new for this release.

  • Over the course of this week, we’ll be taking reservations in the taproom to purchase Mise en Rose Collection bottles when they are released this Sunday (February 26th).
  • Each day (Wednesday through Saturday) we’ll be accepting 90 reservations. Reservations must be made in person with your photo ID.
  • Upon making your reservation, you will be assigned a pickup window for Sunday’s release during our regular taproom hours (12-8p), during which may purchase up to three 750mL bottles of each variety (for a maximum of nine bottles per person).
  • Pricing for 750mL bottles:
    • Table Beer – $14
    • Exploration & Discovery No. 1 – $18
    • Exploration & Discovery No. 2 – $18
  • A reservation is not a presale – no money will be taken until Sunday.
  • Your photo ID will be required to both make your reservation and confirm it during the release.

We’ve decided upon this system for releasing our Mise en Rose Collection for three reasons: to minimize inconvenience to our regular customers, to keep our taproom experience pleasant, and to be respectful of our Braddock neighbors by avoiding excessive lines. Please bear with us as we test out this new process.

EDIT: The bottle limit has been increased from two of each variety to three of each variety, for a maximum of nine bottles per person.

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