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The Next Episode

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Over the nearly five years since Brew Gentlemen opened its doors, we’ve had time to think about what we want our brewery to be when it grows up. Even though we’ve been quiet about the specifics along the way, we’ve been laying the groundwork for the future of Brew Gentlemen.

This has brought us to our next episode: renovating the warehouse behind our location in Braddock to build a full-scale production brewhouse, in which we will be producing and canning our beer at a greatly increased capacity. All operations in our existing brewery and taproom will continue in tandem in their current form.

Part of our expansion’s purpose – more beer, for more people, in a more convenient way – involves providing meaningful experiences when you visit our brewery. To that end, we’re simultaneously in the process of constructing an outdoor space, BG Open Air, in the courtyard next to our warehouse. The grand opening of this summer pop-up will coincide with our fifth anniversary celebration during the week of May 20th-26th, and it will remain open throughout the warmer months.

Through all of these new developments, we’re proud to be able to double down on investing in Braddock. Many breweries are forced to look elsewhere when they outgrow their original locations, a situation we were fortunate to avoid when the property adjacent to ours became available. We want to be good neighbors, build something special, and continue to reinvest in the historic town that’s become our company’s home.

An expansion of this scale is a monumental undertaking for a brewery of our current size, and those in the industry whom we looked for advice have unanimously stressed the importance of doing it right the first time. Being deliberate has been a serious test of patience, and we’ve made a number of difficult decisions along the way in the service of our long-term vision. Still, we believe that the course we’ve mapped will provide an ample runway for years to come, allowing us to more fully realize our mission of brewing soft and balanced beers, creating meaningful experiences, and participating in the revitalization of Braddock.

Wheels up.

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