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The Quarterly Update: Q1 2019

Pittsburgh Map Green-01This week, our co-founder and CEO Matt Katase drops by to reflect on the state of Brew Gentlemen as we close out the first quarter of 2019.

More beer for more people in a more convenient way is the gong we’ve been ringing since the beginning of the year in order to broadly summarize our goals for 2019. By now you’ve heard some vague rumblings from us (and potentially some rumors from others) about our expansion plans, but today, as we move into the second quarter, we wanted to talk about what those goals have meant to us.

More beer…
Three months into 2019, we’ve released four new beers in bottles (Hanging Gardens: Raspberry, two Brukfust variants and Awake End) and thirteen new draft beers, four of which were the result of the renewed energy we’ve put toward our Prototype Series. Even though we’ve been operating at full capacity for some time now, we’ve still found ways to experiment within our own constraints.

…For more people…
While we’ve developed close relationships with the handful of accounts we distribute to, part of giving more people access to our beer means expanding to a few more bars and restaurants. We want to be able to share what we make with people who’ve expressed genuine excitement for it.

If there’s somewhere you’d like to see our beer, tell us here. If you’re a bar manager or beer buyer who’s reached out or has already been added to our waitlist, please fill out this form so we know you’re still interested.

…In a more convenient way.
Convenience is an interesting topic – Convenient for who? Convenient for what occasion?

We realize that making a trip to Braddock is still a barrier for some. We knew that would be a factor when we passed on Lawrenceville and the Strip District in our original business plan we wrote back in 2011 (though it’s been great to see so many of our friends thrive in those neighborhoods since then). If you live just far enough away that visiting our taproom requires some effort, then convenience means having more to offer when you make that effort.

In the upcoming quarter, we want to give you more reasons to come to Braddock – whether it’s through exciting one-off Prototype Series releases, taproom programming like Lager & Pong or Beer + Yoga, or some major announcements we’ll be talking about next week.

Stay tuned – there’s lots more on the way.

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