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The Spring Revision: Introducing BG Lime

spring seasonals 2017.png

Spring is here, but alas, Loose Seal is no more. With the recent launch of our new farmhouse ale collection, the dry-hopped saison that was part of our spring lineup for the past two years was rendered redundant. But the eulogies and funeral dirges have been cut short, dear reader, by the thunderous sounds of superior drinkability and 100% natural lime flavor.

The vacancy created by Loose Seal’s departure has been filled by BG Lime, a beer so deliberately straightforward that the inclusion of tasting notes in this introduction could potentially be taken as patronizing*. This light and refreshing American blonde ale has been flavored with excessive quantities of fresh lime zest and juice, an Entirely New And Original Idea We Had™, for maximum springtime enjoyment potential.

The trio remains otherwise intact with the return of Overgrowth and Albatross, our spring pale ale and double IPA. Overgrowth is a lush, juicy pale ale dripping with citrus, lemon and berry flavors and a serious contender for favorite seasonal with much of our staff. Similarly juicy but substantially more assertive, Albatross showcases the huge, tropical flavors of the Australian Galaxy hop varietal.

With the freshly revised spring lineup in place, here’s a look at our updated 2017 release calendar:

Product Calendar 2017.png

* For the curious, thorough, or especially dull amongst us, this beer tastes like lime.

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