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Oct 5, 2012

One Week In

We’re one week into our Kickstarter campaign and things are going rather swimmingly indeed. Here are some quick updat...

Oct 5, 2012

The Session #68: Novelty

This month’s Session beer blogging topic (from 99pours) is about novelty beers – folks are throwing a lot of interest...

Sep 28, 2012

Day One

We woke up this morning with zero idea how the day was going to pan out. Although I’d say that most of our days begin...

Sep 28, 2012

Kickstarter Launch

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve focused our goals and collaborated with a lot of incredibly talented friends, a...

Sep 22, 2012


Sep 15, 2012

A Curious Take on Classic Style

When you’ve created a company and its culture from the ground up, it becomes increasingly difficult to sum it up in j...

Sep 14, 2012

Post-Hartwood Wrap-up

As expected, Chef Jon Holzer and The Hartwood Restaurant did a phenomenal job once again at Tuesday’s dinner. Turnout...

Sep 14, 2012

New Brochures

With Tapped: Braddock and our Kickstarter coming up, we needed some new promo material. This is what we came up with....

Sep 7, 2012

The Session #67: How Many Breweries in 2017?

This month marks our first attempt at writing a monthly blog post for The Session Beer Blogging Fridays. To sum up Th...

Sep 7, 2012

Tapped: Braddock

You may have already heard some buzz about the Tapped pop-up beer gardens that have been, um, popping up around Pitt...

Sep 1, 2012

Hartwood Beer Dinner, Round 2

We have been graciously invited back to the Hartwood Restaurant in Glenshaw for another beer dinner on Tuesday, Sept...

Aug 27, 2012

Bocktown Tasting

We have a beer tasting at Bocktown in Robinson this Wednesday, August 29th at 6:00 pm! We will be serving Whit...
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